WRU Changing Rooms Design & Fit Out

Having completed the fit out of the WRU Players’ Lounge at the Principality Stadium, we were also appointed by them to refurbish the existing home changing rooms.

Since the changing rooms were often used as a location for TV interviews, as well as being a part of the Stadium tour, the design needed to be impressive and feature plenty of branding. The interior refurbishment of the changing rooms not only had to look good but also needed to reflect the modern requirements of the team and game. There was also an opportunity to match the style and design of the Players’ Lounge.

Since it was being used by the players, as well as getting regular footfall from people taking the tour, the features and finishes needed to be robust and durable. The ceiling had the same exposed air conditioning units and ducting as the Players’ Lounge, requiring a similar solution to incorporate them into the new design.



Fittings and fixtures

Taking the concept from the previously refurbished International Player’s Lounge, the existing air conditioning units and ceiling ducting was spray-painted black to complement the overall design.


Project Duration: 4 weeks
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Floor Area: 280 m2

The project was well managed and Paramount worked in a seamless partnership with the Principality Stadium to achieve an outstanding result.

Darren Crossman, Facilities Manager - WRU/Principality Stadium

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