S4C, Yr Egin

S4C, Yr Egin

S4C, Yr Egin

We were appointed as office design and space-planning consultants to support S4C in the relocation of staff, existing furniture and equipment from their Cardiff headquarters to their new Yr Egin building in Carmarthen.

Since S4C was the first TV channel to be aimed specifically at a Welsh-speaking audience, being able to converse in both English and Welsh was a benefit. We were able to conduct meetings in both languages and, working with the client, produced a series of bilingual instruction sheets for the move.

S4C wanted to create a collaborative space plan which would encourage interactive working between staff. Acting as consultants and working with the main build contractor, we developed a concept layout to answer their brief.

As well as sourcing new office furniture, including desks and soft seating that complemented the existing furniture, we conducted a full furniture audit and condition survey. As a result, we were able to reuse and upcycle existing storage, meeting furniture and seating.




A tale of two phases

To ensure that the office fit-out and relocation was as seamless as possible and to minimise disruption, we suggested a two-phased approach to the move.

This was a significant event and a big change for the staff. We not only organised the logistics of relocating a large number of people, existing furniture and equipment but also helped S4C to deliver their change-management strategies during the move.

To make sure that staff knew exactly what was happening, with the help of the team at S4C, we designed a series of bilingual guides that showed them how to store their items safely and securely.

Transferring the workplace department by department across two weekends, we ensured that people could leave an operational office on Friday and arrive at their new site on Monday with minimal fuss.


Project Duration: 16 weeks
Contract Value: Undisclosed
Floor Area: 2,134m2

S4C engaged with Paramount after winning a competitive tender to help develop a concept plan for their new HQ at Canolfan S4C Yr Egin in Carmarthen. Working closely with the relocation project team and collaboratively with the staff we achieved a plan which met not only the spatial requirements but also covered the building ventilation strategy. The relocation of furniture, storage and filing from Cardiff to Carmarthen over two weekends was a great success with staff back at their new workstations on each of the Mondays following the move.

Rhys Bevan, Content Budgets and Project Manager - S4C

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