Cardiff University

Cardiff University

Cardiff University was looking to refurbish and update its Talybont Social Space. They asked us to manage the fit-out process as well as supply and install new furniture.

Mainly used by students, the space needed to offer them a variety of functions, from socialising and collaborating to eating, alongside areas that offered privacy.

Working with Connection, we sourced a selection of furniture solutions that could adapt to the different student requirements.

Since the open-plan space had fixed pillars positioned around the centre, the furniture also had to be adaptable and flexible enough to fit the available space.

It was also necessary for the university to provide students with plug sockets and USB charging outlets for their laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

OE Electrics provided electrical units integrated directly into the furniture so that they were easy for students to access while they worked. 



Budgets & timeframes

Having come to us with a specific budget, we worked closely with the team at Cardiff University to ensure that they could refurbish the space without exceeding it.

Timing was also vital. The project was split into two phases, ensuring that work was completed in time for the registration of new students and the start of the new term.

Phase 1 involved electrical distribution, the installation of new light fittings, redecorating the space and vinyl flooring for specific areas. This was all completed during the students’ August summer break in time for registration.

Phase 2, during the autumn break in October, involved the installation of the new furniture so that the space was ready to be used by students.


Project Duration: 6 weeks
Contract Value: £155,000
Floor Area: 427m2

This was a fast-track project which also required substantial value engineering to meet the target budget whilst maintaining the integrity of the original proposal. Paramount was very flexible and worked collaboratively with the University throughout to hit the cost and programme targets. The space has now been successfully transformed into a social hub for the benefit of our students.

Paul Yeoman, Assistant Director - Capital Projects

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