Cardiff Airport Taxi Point

  • Project Duration: 8 weeks
    Contract Value: £150,000
    Floor Area: 170 m2

Welcome to Cardiff Airport Taxi Point

Cardiff Airport approached us to improve the customer experience at Arrivals by remodelling their taxi point and toilets. Previously situated in a separate portacabin, they wanted the taxi point to be the first thing new arrivals saw when they arrived in Cardiff. It needed to look inviting and impressive with an emphasis on comfort for the many people flying into Cardiff.

A bold new set of brand images needed to be incorporated into the toilets, as well as some specific considerations for a large cross-section of travellers. Using our office design expertise, we needed to ensure that the areas were inviting, professional and international in their look and feel. Improving the ‘wayfinding’ and communication to airport visitors was also important.



Hard-wearing and user-friendly

The taxi point used a bright vibrant yellow, synonymous with New York cabs but recognised across the globe as a colour associated with taxis. Padded seating gave visitors somewhere comfortable to wait and watch the wall-mounted TV. It was also a requirement that all signage be bi-lingual.

Since the area would experience a lot of foot traffic, from business people and rugby trips to hen and stag parties, a hard-wearing floor was sourced and extra protection added to the reception desk. Space to queue was also taken into consideration.

This ‘land-side’ of the airport, the side accessible by both visitors and passengers, needed sturdy, functional but stylishly modern toilets. These included baby changing and disabled facilities. Anti-vandalism aspects were subtly integrated into the fit out through the use of wall material and ‘unblockable’ sinks.

The airport’s corporate colours of red and grey were used in both rooms and two specific areas were added to the toilets; a make-up area in the female toilets, away from the sinks, and a wudu, allowing Muslims to perform ritual washing prior to prayer.


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