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As a company that thrives on boosting communication amongst employees, it’s hardly surprising that Slack, the workplace messaging system, has recently invested in an innovative office design for their New York HQ.

When we explored Workplace by Facebook, a similar system, we referenced the fact that Slack is being used by a number of businesses. Aspiring to revolutionise the workplace, Slack's own office promotes these core values through clever and thoughtful design by architecture firm Snøhetta.

All of the Slack offices from around the world aim to integrate elements of their local surroundings, and Snøhetta’s design for Slack’s new NYC space is no exception.

The 12,000-square-foot space is situated at the top of an 1880s building and emulates the urban courtyards that New York is famous for through the use of wooden bleachers and planted screens.

Bamboo plants are used to create natural privacy screens whilst also energising the space with greenery. All of which is very much in line with the 2017 office design trends that we predicted, including Pantone's colour of the year, Greenery, and a focus on bringing the outside in.

As a workplace communications system, it’s hardly surprising that there’s a huge focus on getting employees to communicate with each other.

The acoustics have been carefully considered with an abundance of natural light through the four feature skylights. Something we highlighted as one aspect of office design that could potentially reduce absence in the workplace.

Snøhetta's design promotes social interactions in the workplace, which in turn allows the various work styles of employees to flourish.

Snøhetta worked with a muted palette, which they describe as "evocative of an artist's studio", the light tones of wood are complemented by splashes of bold colour across the meeting rooms with the plants adding to the natural yet modern feel of the space. 

A communal area at the heart of the office doubles up as a theatre-style space for presentations as well as encouraging chance encounters and informal catch-ups.

With large plywood steps forming bleacher-style seating, it’s the perfect area for impromptu meetings, both large and small.


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Photography: Michael Grimm

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