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OBB Group HQ – Vienna

When OBB Group, who provide railway travel services throughout Austria, needed a new office design for their Vienna HQ, they wanted a space that was welcoming and inspired spontaneous communication amongst its employees. As soon as they knew what they wanted, they got in touch with Innocad to create a breath-taking office interior that ticked all of these boxes.

OBB innocad 2

The strategy of the design largely centred on the increased demand for communication amongst staff, with the aim to create a more modern and fluid working environment. One of the biggest objectives of the OBB project was to inspire the 3 C’s of a welcoming workplace: concentration, collaboration and contemplation. It does this through its impressive use of fluid and dynamic open space, while at the same time offering designated areas that encourage concentration. These concentration areas are visibly defined spaces with clear-cut zones that appeal to different needs.

The overall design takes inspiration from the company’s corporate branding, accentuating the idea of travel by creating a journey through the architectural space. The headquarters’ main feature is a 3.6 km long, movable partition screen that spans all 23 of the building’s floors. The translucent walls of this partition were printed with images of Austria’s expansive landscape, highlighting the different points of a journey that many of their customer experience on a daily basis.

OBB innocad Concept

OBB innocad 4 OBB innocad 1

The partition acts as a continuous theme throughout the building and, due to its movable structure, also allows staff to create their own spaces as and when they need them, encouraging spontaneous communication and collaboration.

OBB innocad top

OBB innocad 6

The new office design encourages employees to move around more and create their own spaces. This added flexibility means that the area they work in can suit their specific needs, even if that changes on a daily basis. Ultimately, this will lead to greater productivity and improved staff wellbeing. All in all, we like the journey that this office design takes you on.

OBB innocad 3

Photography by Paul Ott

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