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This is where we take a look at some of the best examples of office design from across the globe.

Movember – California

Whether you’ve shaved off your Movember tache by now or it’s still growing strong, we thought we’d take a look at the offices of the company who created the concept.

The Movember Foundation is a charity committed to bringing communities together and changing the face of men’s health. After launching the business from the CEO’s apartment in 2007, they moved from a small office space into their new offices; a converted dance studio near Downtown Culver City.

Movember  - worldwideworkplace design Movember 2  - worldwideworkplace design

Movember wanted an office design that was inspiring and fun, where staff enjoyed coming to work, motivating them and encouraging them to think differently.

The open, creative space inspires collaboration with its communal workstations, ensuring that everyone from the CEO to the campaign staff are on equal terms. To be completely inclusive, the office is also dog-friendly and even includes a community barbershop, for that all important moustache trim, as well as conference rooms available for other groups to use.

Movember 3  - worldwideworkplace design Movember 4  - worldwideworkplace design

Movember 7  - worldwideworkplace design

In order to create an inspiring workplace with a humble budget, Movember searched through L.A’s finest flea markets for some unique pieces to break the space up into specific work areas, providing comfortable spots for meetings or concealed corners to concentrate in.

Movember 5  - worldwideworkplace design Movember 6  - worldwideworkplace design

We think that this informal, homely office design does a perfect job of conveying the culture and ethos of everything that Movember stands for; inclusivity, creativity and a whole lot of fun.

Images courtesy of The Office Stylist

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