The Paramount Process: Office Design

At Paramount, we’ve worked on our fair share of office design projects. Over the last 25 years, we've built up quite the portfolio. An important part of our success has been the belief that a successful office design runs deeper than creating a workplace that just looks good. An office certainly needs to be visually stimulating but it also has to be a practical space that meets the needs of your business and the people who work in it.

We’re proud of the office design process that we’ve developed at Paramount. It’s not just about colour charts or futuristic furniture; it’s about optimising the space to ensure that your workplace works for your business.

Taking the brief

When we start the process of designing an office, it’s less about finding out how the client wants the office to look and more about how they want the office to work. Great office design is about more than looking good, it needs to be fit for purpose and inspire your employees. 

We’ll work closely with you to find out and understand the culture you want to create. A lot of businesses don’t realise just how much a well-designed office can influence workers. We’ll consider the best ways to improve productivity as well as how to improve your employee's day-to-day wellbeing in the office.

The concept of culture

How your office design works is one thing, but how your employees work is another thing altogether. There’s logic in everything we do, which becomes apparent during this stage of the design process. Now that we know what you want, we’ll start to think practically about the best ways to reflect the culture that you want to create. This is where rationale meets great design. We’ll consider the pragmatic, some would say mundane things like the IT and communication infrastructure. They may not be exciting but they're certainly important.

Bringing the design to life

We know that it can be hard to visualise something when you're presented with a list of building terms and a hypothetical plan for how your office might look. That's why we'll always do our best to really show our clients what they’re getting. We’ll produce layout drawings in either Autocad or Revit format to suit your requirements, sample boards to demonstrate the proposed furniture, finishes and fittings and also 3D visualisations using 3D Studio software. These will show visual representations of the furniture and finishes in almost photo-realistic quality. Sometimes, when we look back at a project, it's hard to distinguish the 3D computer images from the final photography!

Of course, the actual office design is only part of the process, it’s also important that the proposed scheme is planned effectively, costed meticulously and built correctly. As such, our project management team can oversee your fit out and liaise with building experts to ensure that the design complies with all relevant guidelines and regulations.

The Complete Paramount Process

You can find out more about our approach and some examples of our work in the new Paramount brochure.

If you want to speak to us about our office design process or get a glossy copy of our brochure for the office coffee table, get in touch today.


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