Rhiannon’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2019

At the beginning of every year, we ask the office design team at Paramount to share their predictions on the trends that will be appearing in the coming year.

Here are some thoughts on what you can expect to see in the world of workplace design from one of our more recent additions to the team; Project Designer, Rhiannon Phillips.

Teamwork & Togetherness: A collaborative working experience

Similarly to recent years, I believe the desire for a healthy and happy workplace still stands strong.

As businesses move away from the traditional office environment and embrace collaboration and open-plan spaces, we can expect to see office furniture suppliers from across the globe continue to manufacture products that celebrate teamwork and togetherness.

As a result, workspaces are becoming more agile and flexible, catering to all forms of working. As more articles and research are published which highlight the benefits of an activity-based-working approach to office design, both employers and employees are engaging with this positive trend.

One product range that particularly caught my eye (literally the whole range, it’s that good!) is the Bolia Collection from global office furniture manufacturers Steelcase.

Source: Steelcase.com

Working with the award-winning Danish design company Bolia, they offer a curated collection of their designs, including sofas, armchairs and tables.

Source: Steelcase.com

I believe that workplaces will continue to look more residential, following the resimercial office design trend, with furniture and finishes replicating aspects of the home.

This will help to create a less formal, more relaxing working environment.

Biophilic design has been another key contributor to boosting health and wellbeing in the workplace.

In the last few years, greenery has been brought into the office environment to enhance creativity and productivity, as well as reduce stress levels.

I believe plants will still be a key feature within this year’s trends, particularly as suppliers continue to produce shelving and planters to support Biophilic design.

Swedish company, The Green Furniture Concept are masters of organic designs.

Reflecting nature, their Leaf Lamp series is an ambient lighting and acoustic solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature. Plus, it looks awesome!


Photography: Romain Beaumont and Jason Strong

A healthy and happy work environment has proven to create the best results, in terms of productivity, efficiency and staff-turnover. These factors drive businesses to become more considerate and open-minded, resulting in positive and successful workplaces.

I believe homely features and biophilia will continue to thrive throughout this year’s trends.  Innovative and creative aesthetics encourage both employers and employees to want to come to work.

After all, when you work in places like these, why wouldn’t you?

If you’ve been inspired by any of our office design trends, get in touch today.

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