Paramount Projects Part 2 – Gareth & Jon’s 2015 Review

We’ve certainly had an eventful 2015 at Paramount and we’ve already looked back at some of our design team’s favourite office design and fit out projects in Part 1 of our Paramount Projects blogs.

Now it’s the turn of our Designer, Gareth, and Design Manager, Jon, to tell us which office fit out projects stood out for them in 2015.

Gareth’s Favourite 2015 Project

I’ve been lucky enough to have taken on some fantastic and challenging projects in 2015. But when I look back at the year, the project that stands out the most is the ITV studios in Bristol and Birmingham.

After previously working with my colleague Rachel on the ITV Cymru Wales newsroom studios in Cardiff Bay, I had an idea of what to expect when working on Bristol and Birmingham.


ITV Cymru Wales

Let’s just say, it’s nice to work on a clean empty building like Cardiff Bay. The most challenging aspect in both sites was the phasing and having to work around services in an existing building. Every time we started demolition work we would uncover problems. As a result, we’d need to work quickly as a team to come up with the best solutions. This broadened my knowledge of dealing with immediate issues and helped me to understand the complexities of the mechanical and electrical work involved when modifying the services in an existing building. I also learnt how to deal with projects in stages/phases. This ensured that the studio was never completely out of action at any one point, which is sometimes a better option for our clients when it comes to budgets.

 Gareth ITV Project 1 Gareth ITV Project 2

ITV Bristol & Birmingham Before ITV Bristol Acoustic Clouds Concept Board

CAD Mock Up

My favourite aspect of working on these projects was the collaboration with the clients. This allowed us to come up with a modern and innovative scheme which, when I look back at completed phases, I feel quite proud of. Nothing made me prouder than when I attended the opening night of the Phase B works in ITV West Country, where I heard the positive feedback from ITV staff as they entered their new mezzanine-floor space. Hearing feedback like this makes me feel like I’ve met my client’s expectations and delivered a design that will last.

 Launch night ITV Bristol 1 Launch night ITV Bristol 2

Launch night – ITV Bristol

 ITV Birmingham Phase B 1 ITV Birmingham Phase B 2

ITV Birmingham – Phase B

Jon’s Favourite 2015 Project

If I had to choose a project that was enjoyable and challenging during 2015, I’d pick the fit-out of Unit Q2 for Qualifications Wales. The very early design-development meetings for the scheme started late December 2014 and by the start of 2015 a decision group had been formed and the scheme began to take shape very quickly. The project decision group, comprising of team members from Paramount, Welsh Government and Qualifications Wales (who would eventually take the space), worked seamlessly together throughout the design and construction process.

Jon Qualifications Wales 1 Jon Qualifications Wales 2

With a vision from Qualifications Wales and a firm budget in place, the challenge was to develop a scheme which encouraged staff interaction & collaboration, offered flexibility & different work settings, as well as meeting a number of accessibility requirements. The space also needed to offer visitors the opportunity to meet, present and collaborate in a number of settings to suit their requirements.

 Jon Qualifications Wales 3 Jon Qualifications Wales 4

Weekly meetings were organised to discuss and agree the various facets of the project, from the spatial & interior design elements through to the more technical M&E and other services required. The design progressed into a vibrant interior with many bespoke detailed elements. Specifics included the use of oak to frame the ‘slot’ views through key areas, bespoke Welsh slate door signs and large suspended acoustic ceiling pads to the breakout space; these not only created a different feel to the main office space and softened the room but also allowed access to the many services in the ceiling void above. The project as a whole was very enjoyable & rewarding and one that we at Paramount and the client are very proud of.

You can find out more about it by reading the Qualifications Wales Case Study.

Now that we’ve looked back at 2015, if you’ve got a Paramount Project for 2016, feel free to get in touch with us.

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