Stevie’s and Madison’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2018

Now that (hopefully) everyone has settled back into a working frame of mind, we’re continuing to take a look at some of the office design trends that we can expect to see in 2018.

After Helen focused on The Year of Nature, our Trainee Designer, Stevie, and Junior Designer, Madison, give us their predictions.

Stevie’s Prediction – Tearing down the walls

Last year, I wrote about Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, Greenery.

The ‘green dream’ managed to make an appearance throughout the workplace and within our colour pallets back here at the office as the rise of biophilic design is still a pressing trend!

I predict that the trend of ‘going green’ will continue strongly throughout 2018, as well as the rise of collaborative working spaces.

Technology has allowed employees to work from anywhere within the office place, which has forced the furniture we use to change and adapt to suit the new ways of working.

Take the Co.Table from Connection as an example; a new style of shared working space that encourages collaboration and helps mitigate the need for more stagnant desking and shut-off meeting rooms.

Personally, this piece is one of my favourites because of its additional quirky lamp feature!

Madison’s Prediction - The Tactile Workplace

Following the success of the ‘Hygge’ home trend that was everywhere in 2017, I believe it is going to have a massive impact within office interiors in 2018.

Fender Offices, LA. (Photography: Eric Laignel)

Taking a huge step away from the clinical, white offices and going towards a much more textured and tactile working environment, the focus for businesses will be on health and wellbeing.

Unipro Offices, Ho Chi Minh City (Photography: Quang Tran)

This trend has already picked up in 2017 and I can only see it gaining more momentum in 2018.

“Materials create a sense of emotional wellbeing.”

Cherie Johnson, Steelcase global design director

As the year goes on I think we will be seeing combinations of raw wood, cement, textiles and metal finishes working their way into more offices.

Similar to Movember’s offices in California, their London workplace has plenty of natural materials in it.

Movember Offices, London. (Photography: Thierry Cardineau)

At a push, I would even say that we may see more leather and stone being introduced, giving it a much more rustic industrial feel.

Frovi’s Block Steel range is a perfect example.

If you’d like to incorporate any of these office design trends and predictions into your workplace, get in touch with the team at Paramount.

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