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Right now the workers of the future are sat in classrooms, playing in playgrounds and having fun in nurseries, but businesses need to start thinking today about the workforce they’re going to become and the workplace they’ll need to create in order to attract and retain them!

That’s the entire concept behind Paramount Interiors’ brand new video ‘Future Workers.’

When we sat down and decided that we wanted to shoot a video that showcased our brand new ShowOffice in Cardiff, we knew that we didn’t want it be your average ‘office tour.’ After all it’s not your ‘average office!’ We not only wanted it to give people an idea of what our ShowOffice looked like, we also wanted it to highlight the concept behind it and all of the offices that we design.

Future generations are going to shape the way that everyone will work in years to come and office design should reflect this. For that reason we opened our doors to some of these Future Workers and gave them free reign to use our ShowOffice however they  liked – As you can imagine they had a lot of fun!

Children are naturally creative, inquisitive and imaginative. Unfortunately these traits tend to disappear, or at the very least diminish, when they start work, due mainly to uninspiring surroundings and a lacklustre culture. There is however a generation poised to move into the workplace who won’t be willing to accept this.

The members of ‘Generation Z,’ born between 1995 and 2012, are growing up in a world of social media and mobile technology and the offices of the future will need to reflect this if businesses want to attract and retain the best talent. ‘Generation Z’ has little or no knowledge of a world without the internet and their opinion of a typical workplace paints a picture of a grey, drab environment where emotionless drones tap away on keyboards with blank expressions on their faces!

While the reality obviously isn’t quite as depressing as that, this is a generation whose expectation of the workplace is based on the images they have seen of the offices for companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Pixar. Hardly surprising then that when we quizzed some teenagers from ‘Generation Z’ about their thoughts on the office of the future they came up with ideas as diverse and inventive as floating tables, bouncy castle floors and mood responsive wallpaper! Ideas that were probably inspired by the slides between floors at Google’s offices, the video game room at Facebook’s offices and the touchscreen tables at Microsoft’s offices.


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Photos courtesy of Glassdoor

Clearly the majority of businesses won’t have the same budget or resources as these global giants but it is possible to reflect some of their techniques when designing an office space. It’s also worth noting that if you put all of the emphasis on this new generation you run the risk of losing the talented and experienced staff you already have.

One solution is a combination of areas for collaboration, where employees can get together and share ideas, alongside quiet corners for concentration and privacy. Designing a great looking office and filling it with furniture isn’t enough anymore, you have to consider the culture that you want to create, from a relaxing kitchen area and breakout lounge to communal hot desks and even a gym!

Future Workers are going to expect a lot from the office they work in, it needs to inspire creativity and playfulness, encourage collaboration and socialising, allow for concentration and contemplation, but above all it has to be a place that they feel motivated and proud to travel to every morning.

Our new video not only gives everyone a taste of what our ShowOffice looks like, it also proves that you can have fun in the workplace and gives an insight into what ‘Generation Z’ thinks an office is like, what it should be like and how they’d like to work in one.

Like one of our Future Worker’s says “Offices are just amazing now!”

To find out more about future workplaces, and book a tour of our ShowOffice, e-mail info@paramountinteriors.com

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