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Following a successful and enjoyable collaboration in 2014 with the 2nd year students from the University of South Wales’ Interior Design degree course, Paramount have again started the design and mentoring process with the new intakes.

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Over the coming months, Paramount will be supporting the 2nd year students with their individual ‘self-choice’ end of year projects. The building chosen for this year’s project is the Bonded Warehouse in Cardiff Bay – a statement building and the first of its kind to be built in Cardiff. With a very strong structural grid and large open floor plates, it offers the students a lot of scope for their designs and acts as a blank canvas for interior design. Many of the original details and features from its use as a docks warehouse remain. The ground and first floors are spacious with views over the water, while the basement, similar to last year’s building, is low and windowless. Thanks to Savills for supporting this project and arranging access to the building.

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interior designers of the future

Following a recent trip to the proposed building and site, the students spent a day at Paramount to present their proposals. After an introduction by Alasdair, followed by a tour of our ShowOffice, Helen and I reviewed the students’ concept design proposals. With projects ranging from food and drink merchants and breweries, to well-being centres and sensory experiences being proposed, there are some exciting and challenging ideas coming through which will feature many new interior design trends.

We look forward to seeing the students again with their final proposals.

Written by Jon Foster, Senior Designer

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