Amy’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2019

The office design team at Paramount are looking ahead to predict some of the workplace design trends that you can expect to see in 2019.

Having joined us for a year to gain some industry experience before heading back to university, our Design Undergraduate, Amy Hart shares her thoughts on what’s going to be hot in workplace design.

The Year of Pattern: A colourfully collaborative working experience

I predict that 2019 will be the year where patterns start making more of an appearance in the workplace.

Patterns can be applied in a variety of ways, whether it be a bold, statemented piece or a subtle, simple design.  

It could feature on everything from printed wallpaper and office furniture to wall hangings, acoustic panels and geometric floor tiles, like this striking example at the Pexa Offices in Melbourne.

Photography: Nicole England

Creating spaces that encourage collaboration is becoming a lot more common in workplaces, providing staff with new ways of working and helping to keep people engaged.

Throughout 2018, we’ve seen the growth of informal areas being created through the use of more comfortable lounge type furniture, like the break out space that we created for KPMG’s offices on the South Coast.

Office furniture manufacturers are also starting to factor colour, pattern and new frame designs into their products to make them more appealing to both designers and the staff that will use them.

Fabric manufacturer Kvadrat features striking geometric designs in their fabrics. While you might not use them throughout an entire workplace, they work particularly well at highlighting or drawing attention to specific areas.


Patternistas is another great example.

You might remember that they featured at our Design Assembly South Wales event in 2018 and their workshop about the power of pattern in office design proved extremely popular.

Image source:

They are introducing new uses of pattern design within the workplace in a number of different ways, from furniture upholstery to wallcoverings, and it’s quite exciting to think that whichever way it is used, it can help to make a space more interesting.

Image source:

Whichever way pattern is applied to the workplace, I’d like to see it appear more throughout the year in workplaces across the UK.

If you’ve been inspired by any of our office design trends, get in touch today.

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