Design students take up the Paramount challenge

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked with the 2nd year students from the University of South Wales’ Interior Design degree course in both 2014 and 2015, and this year was no exception.

The brief for 2016, different from previous years, was to develop innovative ideas within the creative sector for the RSA Student Design Awards. The challenge involved coming up with a design vision of how to draw out people’s creativity and generate great ideas. With an open brief as to the location of the project, the students were encouraged to explore a variety of settings to incorporate a creative concept.

The First Meeting

In January the students sat in on several presentations and videos, followed by a tour of the Paramount ShowOffice, which they seemed really impressed by.

Seeing first-hand how we had integrated areas of creativity and collaboration into our own environment helped to shape some of their early ideas.

IMG_2008 IMG_1907

IMG_1920 IMG_1921

Working Hard

Having been suitably inspired (we hoped), they headed back to start work on their projects.

In February we popped into their studio so that we could review how they were doing and offer some guidance on their developing design. While there, we were not only treated to a number of very interesting and challenging projects but also a nice cuppa!

The Presentations

Happy that the projects were progressing nicely, the students then returned in March to present their ideas to us.

With projects as varied as proposing creative healing in hospitals, activity in homes for the elderly, creating shelters for the homeless, urban and green escapes to name but a few, we were treated to an excellent series of presentations. You can see some examples here:

Green cone

Recycled pavillion

Creative Space

Urban playground

2016 proved to be another successful year of collaboration with the University of South Wales and showed us that, as in previous years, there are a wealth of creative design students just waiting to join the workplace of the future.

We can’t wait to see what they go on to achieve.

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