When we’re working on an office design for a client, you can often tell which member of our design team has worked on the concept. Unknowingly, we all have our own individual stamp because office design is such a personal thing. As such, we each have our own design heroes and icons. Our Design Director,

Our Design Director, Helen recently wrote about her personal design icon, the late Zaha Hadid, and our Design Manager Jon followed suit with his design heroes, Charles and Ray Eames. Next up is our designer, Gareth with his choice, Tom Dixon.

The bronze age

When it came to selecting my biggest design icon, it was an easy choice. Two words instantly popped into my head; Tom Dixon. Those three syllables say it all for me, so need I say more? Well, yes actually as I can talk about Tom Dixon all day! Although I’ll try to keep it short for the purpose of this blog article!

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Truth be told, I‘ve always been influenced by the industrial designer, mainly for his use of copper and metallic finishes to create inspiring, deeply coveted lighting pendants.

I remember coming across the British designer when the St David’s centre in Cardiff was completed. His iconic Copper ball lighting pendants hang from the timber slated roof of the eating quarter. These iconic pendants have become a signature of Dixon’s and are widely used in museums, public spaces and retail outlets and you can instantly tell that they are Tom Dixon’s products.

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In 2002, having set up his own company under the name ‘Tom Dixon’. the design firm has launched numerous lighting products and also expanded into the realm of desktop accessories such as desk tidies and ornaments.

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Although a little pricey, you cannot fault Tom Dixon’s commitment to quality and creativity. After all, you pay for quality.

The future is copper

It’s more than likely that Tom Dixon is responsible for my love of copper, as he’s consistently used this material for so many of his products. And, with design trends suggesting that copper is the new gold, I can’t help but fall in love with everything that he produces. In fact, I’ve recently specified a number of copper products for a project I’m working on and I’m really hoping to include a Tom Dixon pendant or two to finish off the overall scheme.

I truly believe that Tom Dixon’s metallic designs have paved the way for designers to come up with more creative lighting solutions that use not just copper but the other exciting and unusual finishes that we see on the market today. Without Tom Dixon, I believe lighting would be rather dim….if you pardon the pun!

- tom dixon the church exhibition lighting furniture clerkenwell design week 2016 dezeen 1568 16 3801 - Paramount Interiors

Image source – Dezeen

In fact, Dixon recently blew it out of the water again when he unveiled a furniture and lighting installation in a church at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week. I think the curved mesh lighting was some of his best work at the event.

Given the fact that I work in office design, it’s particularly interesting to see that Dixon has been using his furniture and lighting to create a co-working space for freelancers in Camden. I for one am very excited to see what Dixon has up his sleeve next.

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