Helen’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2019

The New Year has well and truly started with a bang and rather than easing ourselves gently back in, things are already at full speed here in Cardiff – which bodes well for an exciting and creative year of office fit out projects.

To kick it off I, and the other members of the design team at Paramount will be putting together our annual blogs to share a few of the trends that we predict will make an appearance in workplace design for 2019.

Choice & Control: A positive working experience

I think that 2019 will build on the foundations of last year and further strengthen the approach to creating a positive working experience for staff.

There has been so much emphasis on mental health issues not only within our industry but across the world as a whole and this will continue to be at the forefront of driving how we design workplaces to ensure the well-being of staff is prioritised.

More and more companies are coming to the realisation that in order to get the best out of your staff you need to give them both choice and control and not just the latter.

Employers should consider creating environments that allow their employees to work in ways whereby they don’t have to be glued to their desks all day.

Some staff might be able to work effectively when surrounded by noise while others will require the complete opposite.

Many people want access to natural light and are inspired by looking out of the window but there are also those who will prefer to focus in an enclosed space that is perhaps a little more atmospheric and darker.

One person might be comfortable standing up to work while others would prefer to sit in a more reclined position in a very comfy soft lounge chair.

Businesses will need to provide a variety of spaces that cater to users’ needs.

Most importantly, these choices shouldn’t be automatically pushed upon staff. They need to be involved in the process and determine what could work most effectively.

Whilst ultimately there does need to be a decision maker – and that is invariably the one who either holds or has an influence over the purse strings – staff at all levels are being given the opportunity to have an input about what they would like.

When staff are engaged and feel valued they are more productive. It’s not rocket science, just good working practice.

In terms of how this will physically look then again, I anticipate a continuation of both the biophilic design and old-meets-new ethos, both evident in the Solutions Rent co-working space in Warsaw.


Photography: Katarzyna Seliga-Wroblewska, Marcin Wroblewski

All things geometric and art deco inspired will remain along with the industrial and stripped back aesthetic. The K Firm Offices in Tel Aviv combine exposed concrete with lush vegetation and natural light.


Photography: Eyal Tagar

The SumUp Offices in Sofia mix an industrial aesthetic of concrete and brickwork with more natural materials and a selection of multifunctional furniture.


Photography: StudioNoise

In conclusion; other than the ever-changing advances in technology to keep us on our toes, I think 2019 will be an extension of the previous year when it comes to office design.

However, I may prove to be wrong (and part of me hopes I am)!

If you’ve been inspired by any of our office design trends, get in touch today.

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