Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 Highlights: Part 4 – Andrew’s blog

This year, the sales and workplace design teams made their annual trip to the always-inspiring Clerkenwell Design Week.

We asked our Paramount People to share the office design trends they spotted at CDW 2019.

Here are the highlights from our Project Designer, Andrew.

Andrew’s CDW 2019 Highlights

Clerkenwell Design Week is always a great highlight of the design year, and 2019 didn’t disappoint.

It is a great way to spot upcoming trends, discover new products and try out different types of furniture and finishes.

Work Zones & VR

One of the most interesting showrooms this year was Frovi, who had transformed their space by showcasing a concept design of metal frames that created individual work zones.

These zones each had its own concept and atmosphere, including one filled with foliage as an ‘outside-in’ space.

They also had a Virtual Reality headset where you could move around and experience different room setups, all without leaving your seat.

This is definitely going to become a key way of communicating and presenting interior concepts in the coming years.

A raw, industrial aesthetic

Another highlight was seeing how manufacturers are using raw, industrial materials as a feature to create sophisticated and useable furniture.

It’s a trend that Madison predicted in her office design trend blog at the beginning of the year and there were some great examples on display at CDW2019.

Products such as Haag by Work Agile and Beam by Connection are perfect for giving breakout and collaboration areas a quirky and unique aesthetic.

The use of metal and timber gives a really solid feel to the furniture, which would certainly stand up to the demands of a busy office environment.

Wall to wall inspiration

I was also very impressed with the range of decorative and acoustic wall and ceiling panels on show at Vtec.

They have a huge range of finishes available, from natural feeling materials such as moss and timber to industrial style metals.

For ceilings, I loved the feeling of depth and texture created when using slatted timber mounted on a black painted background.

Used with feature lighting, this is ideal to highlight a specific zone within an office space.

For walls, I was really impressed with their cork wall panels.

They make a bold statement as a feature wall, creating a modern look with a retro twist.

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