Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 Highlights: Part 3 – Amy’s blog

Every year, our sales and workplace design teams make the annual trip to the streets of EC1 and the always-inspiring Clerkenwell Design Week.

As ever, we’ve asked our Paramount People to share their highlights of CDW 2019 and a few of the office design trends that we can expect to see.

Here’s what our Design Undergraduate, Amy thought.

Amy’s CDW 2019 Highlights

This was my first year to ever attend Clerkenwell and I’m really pleased I got the opportunity to experience it.

I’m still very new when it comes to learning about furniture and other products and it was great to see the suppliers’ pieces in person and gain a little more knowledge than I would from scrolling through their websites.

It was also good to just walk through the showrooms and be introduced to new products that have just been launched. 

Left to right: Frovi’s biophilic showroom, Spacestor’s 3D-printed furniture, stylish furniture at the Pledge showroom and fabric examples at the Milliken showroom

Flexible Frovi

It was great to see suppliers presenting an assortment of settings in their showrooms to emphasise the impact their products could have on a space.

Frovi, in particular, presented their new pieces very well, creating a combination of collaborative spaces that had different looks and feels to suit various people.

This sort of flexibility is inspiring and opens up my eyes to how much a space can be formed.

State-of-the-art Spacestor

Spacestor was another great example. They used a 3D printer to create miniature models of their products and combined them in a space plan that suited the typical working office.

It was particularly impressive because, rather than simply presenting furniture and finishes, they used innovative technology to promote their products in a new and inventive way.

A new way of thinking about the workplace

The differing methods of presentation throughout the showrooms definitely helped me gain a better understanding of how suppliers see the workplace changing.

It was also a great way to keep on top of the latest office design trends.

I’ve now started to incorporate some of my findings from Clerkenwell into my latest designs and feel as though I came back with a new way of thinking.

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