Paramount at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018: Part 3

For a few years now, the team at Paramount have been making the trip to EC1 in London for Clerkenwell Design Week. 2018’s visit involved even more members of the sales and design teams.

Here are Paul’s, Carl’s and Stevie's thoughts on what they saw as the most important office design trends from #CDW2018.

Paul’s CDW 2018 Highlights

It was my first time at the CDW, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the many inspirational showrooms and furniture pieces.

Geometry, Agility & Crochet

The Kinnarps showroom had an inspirational geometric screen divider which I really liked. Shown here with Jon peeking through.

A man sitting behind a grey geometric screen divider

They also had a treadmill/desk to promote agile working, a trend that more and more businesses are moving towards. Especially when you see stats like this.

A photo of a wall graphic featuring the outline of a shoe and text underneath

I also really liked Naomi Paul who spends up to 3 months create these wonderfully crocheted lampshades, all made in the UK! 

A collage of two photographs featuring hand crocheted lampshades by designer Naomi Paul

Going Green

There was a definite theme throughout the event that caught my eye and that was the magnitude of green, which also happens to be my favourite colour.

A collage of two photographs featuring green office furniture

This was not only found in the commercial areas but a few items for the home caught my eye too. A green feature chair, a green glass lamp, and a green his-and-hers sink.

A collage of two images featuring a green feature chair and a green double wash basin

Looking forward to next year.

Carl’s CDW 2018 Highlights

Once we had arrived at Clerkenwell Design Week we split up into our groups and were given a number of team challenges to complete.

For example, take a photo with as many reps as possible on or with a new product… or see how many people we could fit into a Boss Design phone box!

A collage of two images featuring a group of people standing in office phone booths

It wasn’t all spinning reps in office chairs and squeezing into phone boxes though, we also came across some inspiring products.

I fell in love with some of the beautiful items at Domus Tiles.

A collage of two images featuring 3D multicoloured wall tiles

This is also where I found my happy place.

A photo featuring designer garden furniture and 3D multicoloured wall tiles

CDW demonstrates everything I love about workplace and office design.  

A collage of two photographs: one featuring a woman standing on her head in the middle of a circular seating pod, another featuring a wall graphic and a powerful overhead lamp

A collage of two photographs featuring neon signs

A photo of a geometrically patterned chair

Stevie's CDW 2018 Highlights

It’s hard to pick a favourite highlight from Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 – but, like a lot of my fellow Paramount People, what stood out for me the most was the underground light exhibition.

It was the perfect environment to showcase so many different feature lighting products.

A collage of three photos featuring futuristic light fixtures

One of my personal favourites was the Eiffel Lamp from FRAMA, because of its balance between industrial design and simple detailing, making us believe in the power of light to create an atmosphere.

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