Paramount at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018: Part 2

The team at Paramount have been making the trip to Clerkenwell Design Week for a number of years. For 2018, we decided to send even more of our sales and design team to EC1.

Here’s what Madison and Sam thought of #CDW2018 and a few of their predictions on the office design trends that we might start to see.

Madison’s CDW 2018 Highlights

This was my first time visiting CDW, and it did not disappoint. It was great to be involved in such a great event and getting to visit the showrooms and exhibitions of our suppliers.

I was really interested in seeing if there was a common theme running through the event, and here is what I saw.

Pattern is making a major comeback

Almost everywhere we went, I saw bold patterns.

A collage of 2 photographs featuring a range of patterned fabric, tiles, acoustic panels and wall coverings


Patterned fabric, tiles, acoustic panels, wall coverings and even in the lighting.

A collage of 2 photos featuring patterned wall coverings by a company called Vicalvi and a patterned light fixture

A major influence of this would be the Patternistas; a local Welsh company whose mission is to cover the world in pattern!

A collage of 2 images, one featuring a patterned rug and another featuring chairs with patterned cushioning

It was great being able to spot their work in a number of showrooms!

A collage of 2 images featuring 3D patterned wall tiles

It’s really challenged me to include some patterned fabric or furniture in my next design as they’re so uplifting!

The biophilic trend

Almost every showroom had planting and greenery within their showroom.

Frovi’s showroom stood out among them the most as they showcased a new desk at the event.

They hung planting and lighting from the metal structure, and it looked incredible.

A collage of two images featuring biophilic office furniture

It’s a little bit impractical with how low they were hung, but it had an amazing impact as you walked into the room, it’s really stuck in my head.

I also loved their geometric head plant pots, they were really fun!

The Di Classe ‘Foresti’ lighting, featuring tiny little birds, were gorgeous and cast really interesting shadows.

A collage of 2 images featuring Di Classe Foresti lighting fixtures

Sam’s CDW 2018 Highlights

For me, Clerkenwell Design Week is my ‘happy place’.

It perfectly captured the combination of creativity and possibility when it comes to workplace and office design. Here were my highlights.

Detailed British Design

I believe a detailed pattern can transform any space and design and Clerkenwell Design Week gave me both in abundance.

It first presented itself to me in the form of a Corgi!

A group of people having a picture taken with a corgi and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lookalikes

Given my love for our four-legged friends, if there’s one fool-proof way to get my attention it’s with a dog and that’s exactly what British Ceramic Tile did (I didn’t even notice the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lookalikes walking alongside!).

A photo of a woman in fur patterned high-heel shoes standing on black and white patterned tiles

Based in Devon, their detailed yet subtle use of pattern and colour lifts an area, creating interest and opinion.

The second piece that caught my eye, and voice, was the acoustic panel designed by the Cardiff-based husband-and-wife team, Patternistas.

An image of a multi-coloured acoustic panel attached to a wall

A burst and explosion of vivid colour, the panel is not only a beauty to look at but also functional and a great option for someone looking for an acoustic solution with style and substance.

Keeping Peace and Tranquility in Mind

Mental health and wellbeing is a topic I feel so strongly about.

With the workplace playing such a big part in our lives, it is bound to have an effect on us, sometimes more than we may realise.

So it makes complete sense that in our design of a space we must bear employee wellbeing in mind.

In our exploration of the great exhibitions available, I loved seeing the concept of incorporating Meditation Rooms into offices. Something we as a company have discussed and I believe would be a great addition to any workplace.

A cardboard cutout of an office meditation room

Also, on our adventures, we came across the beautiful lighting designs created by Di Classe.

Bringing the calming effect of nature, adding their gorgeous and intricately detailed designs to any workspace would have a peaceful and tranquil influence.

An image of forest inspired light fixtures, made from tree branches and leaves

We’ll be sharing more of our Clerkenwell Design Week Blogs from the Paramount team soon.

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