Office Fit Out

Your office design and its effects on productivity

We've asked Alan Price, Chief Operations Officer and Employment Law Director at Peninsula, to give us his thoughts on the impact office design can have on staff productivity.

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Creating an agile workplace for the people at Pobl

The Pobl Group has appointed us to deliver the design and fit out of their new office in Swansea. Find out more about the efficient and agile workplace we'll be creating for them.

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Hyper-collaboration: The changing face of teamwork in the modern workplace

Hypercollaboration is a concept that's explored in Steelcase's latest research. We take a closer look at what it is and how it's changing the way teams work in the modern workplace.

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University Of South Wales Paramount Project 2019

This year, the second-year students from USW were asked to develop a co-working incubator space for the creative industries geared towards graduates and start-ups.

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