Office Design Trends

Clerkenwell Design Week 2018: Part 1

The sales and design teams took their annual trip to Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. Here are Helen's and Jon's highlights from #CDW2018.

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Resimercial Design: Should your workplace look like your home?

We take a look at resimercial design, the workplace design trend that attempts to combine the best parts of residential and commercial interior design.

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Jon’s and Rachel’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2018

Design manager, Jon, predicts that we'll be entering a 'Virtual World' while senior designer, Rachel, expects a 'maximisation riot'.

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Stevie’s and Madison’s Office Design Trend Predictions 2018

Trainee designer, Stevie, predicts that we'll be 'tearing down the walls' while junior designer, Madison, explores the tactile workplace.

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