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Viewpoint: Working away from the office with Helen Bartlett

Helen Bartlett, Design Director at Paramount Interiors, explains how she’s reacted swiftly to working away from the office – an office that’s been an integral part of her daily life for almost 23 years! In her own words she talks us through her challenges, her concerns, the benefits she’s seen, what she’s missed and what she hasn’t missed whilst working at home.

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November 27 by Sulli
From A (to A+) to B

This short blog is designed to help you understand what a Cat A+ project is and how it differs to the Cat A or Cat B projects fit-out companies are more commonly known for.

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Agile Working – Active People: Dafydd Meurig

We're sharing more stories about the active people at Paramount. Dafydd tells us about his work with Cardiff Rivers Group and the past 10 years he's spent waist-high in filth!

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 Highlights: Part 4 – Andrew’s blog

The sales and design teams took their annual trip to Clerkenwell Design Week 2019. Here are Andrew's highlights from #CDW2019.

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