100% Design 2016

Last year’s 100% Design gave us a lot to think about, with Jon and Rachel, Ceri and Helen, and Gareth all sharing their highlights. For 100% Design 2016, we thought we’d let our newest member of the design team, Stevie, give her thoughts on her first design exhibition.

100% Stevie

As my first experience of a design exhibition, what 100% Design had to offer certainly didn’t disappoint!

My first impression was the sheer size of the venue, the Olympia London. A magnificent piece of architecture that’s a design statement in itself, it really was the perfect backdrop to some new and creative office design ideas.

I entered the exhibition with an open mind, ready to take in all that 100% had to offer and get inspired. There was so much going on, with designs from the majestic and the rustic to the technologically innovative, my eyes were spoilt for choice!

‘Swop’ till you drop


Something that's a pain in the neck for the workplace is the ever-growing concern around staff well-being and musculoskeletal disorders. However, I think Aeris may have a solution to those niggling issues. Using innovative 3D technology, their ‘Swopper’ seating range offers the full package in health and well-being benefits. Not to mention the fact that it also adds a bit of fun to the workplace!

The ‘Swopper’ has transformed the tiresome office chair market as it allows you to move in any direction, constantly changing and adapting to support your posture. Plus it’s amusing to have a good bounce!

Beehive Bedlam and Creative Concrete


There were some stunning wall and floor tiles on display, with two standing out in particular. The Solus Ceramics range were hypnotising with their range of geometric designs. Their Patchwork tiles mimicked the look and texture of fabric with tribal graphics that would add an interesting and unique look to any workplace.

The second tantalising selection of tiles came from the Polish company, Warssawa. Their Mewa tiles may be made from concrete but they look like intricate origami on an office wall.

Most Illuminating!


Moving to a more technical piece of design, LG were promoting their new range of OLED lighting (Organic Light Emitting Diode). LG Displays have created ultra-thin, flexible light panels that are the closest light source available to natural light. They also emit no heat and no UV. This breakthrough in lighting technology was a favourite of mine from the exhibition. A real talking point.

I think I can honestly say that 100% Design 2016 surpassed my expectations of a design exhibition by a long way! I can’t wait to take what I’ve seen and start feeding it into the design and office fit out projects that I’ll be working on. And I’ll certainly be counting down the days to my next visit.

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