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Playster - Montreal

Playster is a global subscription-based entertainment service, providing on-demand movies, television shows, music, video games, ebooks and audiobooks.

They asked ACDF Architecture to design their 18,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Montreal.

Given the company’s high energy and creativity, Playster wanted an environment that offered this experience to their clients.

Using a contemporary, open design, the space was transformed through the clever use of bright colours and white surfaces, using existing walls to create new private spaces.

A chromatic pattern, taking inspiration from the company’s logo, saturates the walls and carpets with blocks of colour.

As well as creating a strong first impression it also helps to distinguish between different zones.

With each team having their own colour, the colour-coded spaces are flexible enough to encourage small-group work sessions as well as large collaborative meetings.

A white corridor acts as a spine, connecting meeting rooms and linking the brightly coloured sections to one another.

White vinyl panels in the corridor create several breakout areas where employees can take time out to relax from their busy schedules and catch up for an informal chat.

As well as designing creative spaces that are vibrant and fun, Playster can now offer their staff the flexibility to choose from a selection of work environments that best meet their needs.

Photography: Adrien Williams

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