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Procore Technologies HQ – California

Procore - office snapshots

When Procore Technologies, an American software firm, decided it was time to invest in a larger workplace, they wanted to create something truly unique. Within just over a decade, the start-up had leapt from just 6 employees to an impressive 246 workers, so creating and optimising space was hugely important. They wanted a workplace that set them apart from their competitors whilst highlighting their unique office culture. They turned to Kingdom Industry to help them, and the finished product is rather impressive.

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Procore wanted an office that challenged their employees and encouraged innovative thinking, and Kingdom have certainly delivered. The space manages to walk the line between being chaotically creative and pleasantly domestic. It would have been easy for this modern office design to become cold and disjointed, but Kingdom have balanced comfort with minimalistic design, mixing modern office furniture with homely touches to create a sense of much-needed warmth within this otherwise disorientating space.

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The office manages to be both open-plan and offer an element of privacy as you move throughout the building. Due to the substantial amount of translucent surfaces and perforated walls, employees can almost always catch a brief glimpse of their co-workers. Whilst this could initially be seen as a violation of privacy for introverts, they still get that much-needed sense of privacy because the physical barrier between rooms gives them the peace and quiet they need; the barrier just happens to be translucent.

procore 4 office snapshots

You’d be hard pushed to find a room in the building that is set at a 90-degree angle. With splayed hallways and triangular conference rooms, it’s no surprise that this office design is often described as “chaotic”.  The workspaces clash into one another, creating striking vantage points. As a result, most of the modern furniture was custom built to fit into the odd spaces and angular layout.

Believe it or not, this complex design does have some science behind it. Neuroscience has found that disorientating environments make the brain more alert, which is good news for employers. The tactile environment with different colours, surface textures and varied lighting helps employees remain focused and restores energy. This encourages employees to think outside the box and engage with their environment whilst further fuelling collaboration within individual teams.

procore 2 office snapshots

Due to the eccentric design, it was vital that the office space had some sort of unifying factor to keep employees focused on the job at hand.  This is achieved rather ingeniously through the geometric plywood clouds that hang down from the ceiling over the heads of the developers. These act as a physical representation of the cloud-based management software that the company sells, constantly reminding employees of their mission and creating a unified perspective, as well as making a stark visual impression on visitors.

Procore plywood cloud

The office design is somewhat fragmented, and intentionally so. It serves to encourage lateral thinking from employees and also reflects the world as seen through Procore’s eyes, as well as signifying their ambition to create paths of efficiency in an otherwise chaotic industry.

It’s difficult to summarise this office design; a fascinating blend of old and new, it incorporates both organic and industrial elements. Surprisingly, despite the unconventional design, the space flows naturally and is visually attractive as well as stimulating. It’s a great example of a business’ unique office culture being incorporated into the layout of the space in a way that challenges conventional office design.

It’s not often that chaos and disorientation are elements that get requested to be built into an office design, but in this case, we think it’s impressive, refreshing and works perfectly.

Photography: © James John Jetel, Inc.

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